The Happy and Healthy Podcast

Chartwells K12 and South Bend Community School Corporation proudly present the Happy and Healthy Podcast! From your Food and Nutrition Team comes a monthly podcast dedicated to exploring stories from Team South Bend.

South Bend Daily Menus: sb.nutrislice.com


Weekly Update: Have You Checked Out Nutrislice?

It was Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a new edition of Weekly Update! In this Weekly Update, we highlight Nutrislice, our online menu program.  Check daily menus, manage allergens and more with Nutrislice. Visit your menus at sb.nutrislice.com or download to your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play…

Exclusive Interview with Dual Credit Teacher of the Year, Tiffany Reddick

In this very exciting episode, we sit down with Tiffany Reddick, the CTE business teacher at Riley High School. We discuss our partnership and her students’ work study in the Riley kitchen. Congratulations to Ms. Reddick once again for the Teacher of the Year award from Ivy Tech Community College. Follow Ms. Reddick on Instagram:…

Weekly Update: Discovery Kitchen Debuts at CIA!

In this edition of “Weekly Update,” we cover what happened last week, March 28 – April 1st. Chef Ken Acosta returned to St. Mary’s College to show students how to cook on a budget, Discovery Kitchen made its debut at Clay International Academy, and more! We hope everyone is having a great Spring Break! Our…

Our Host

Megan Larson

Megan is the Marketing Specialist at South Bend Community School Corporation. She started the Happy and Healthy Podcast in late 2021 and is excited to continue telling diverse stories from Team South Bend.

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